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Herongate Barn Theatre “Bedside Manners”

October 22, 2017
Herongate Barn Theatre “Bedside Manners”

When “Ferris” reluctantly agrees to look after his sister’s country inn he did not anticipate all the wild comings and goings he find’s himself engulfed in. There are enormous complications and confusion when two ‘Mr. Smith’s arrive at the secluded British Inn with their girlfriends only to discover, gradually, that each girlfriend is actually the wife….. A fast pace comedy that will leave audiences wanting more. You’ll exhaust yourself from laughter!

TRIP INCLUDES: Buffet lunch & Matinee performance of ‘Bedside Manners’ at Herongate Barn Theatre,  Round Trip Hammond Transportation & HST.


TERMS & CONDITIONS: Full payment due at time of booking. Day Trips are Non Refundable.