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Lilac Festival on Mackinac Island

June 15-19 2018
Lilac Festival on Mackinac Island

June on Mackinac Island means one thing – the lilacs are in bloom.  Enjoy horse-drawn parades, concerts in the Park, a lilac walk & talk, dancing & tours as the fragrance of lilacs floats through the air.   Thousands of visitors head to the island to experience this celebration of the lilacs, equestrian culture, fine food & the arts that blend together to make Mackinac Island a one-of-a-kind destination.   The horse-drawn parade (one of few remaining in the Country) harkens to the early days of the Festival.  For a zany experience, take in the Epona & Barkus parade – complete with canines dressed to the hilt – leading up to the Mackinac Island Dog & Pony Show.
Mackinac Island has a microclimate that provides premium conditions to grow lilacs.  The purple beauties that call the island home, grow larger & live longer than lilacs in most gardens through the United States. 
Explore the island on bicycle, do a walking tour of local architectures, or tour the art exhibition. 
Mackinac Island  is an island suspended in a forgotten & more innocent time.  It is a place to relive the simple pleasures of life – from a leisurely carriage ride to a slow dance on the floors of the Grand Hotel, or go on an adventure & explore Arch Rock, Skull Cave & Sugar Loaf at Michigan’s first State Park. 
The Grand Hotel, America’s Summer Place since 1886, beckons you to a bygone era of old work hospitality & charm.  You will return to a time of horse drawn carriages, afternoon tea, croquet on an endless lawn & chamber music in the afternoon.  Elegant evenings begin with proper attire after 6:00pm.  Ballroom dancing throughout the evening,  following dinner.  Nothing intrudes on the serenity & natural beauty of Mackinac Island. 
Getting there is half the fun!  Leave motorized vehicles on the mainland & board the ferry for a 15 minute boat cruise to Mackinac Island.  Once you arrive on the Island, you will be greeted by the Dock Master & Grand Hotel Porters who will assist you.  Don’t worry about the luggage, we take care of that too!!!

Please call the office if you would like to put your name on the list for this trip.