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Hockey Night In Canada: Leafs vs. Canucks

February 29, 2020
Hockey Night In Canada: Leafs vs. Canucks
"7 days without hockey makes one weak"

Join us for Hockey Night In Canada at Scotia Bank Arena!

Enjoy a seat in a private Gondola Box and watch the game in style. Why waste your time in line ups? Enjoy access to a private bar and a catered dinner. Also included are finger foods such as pizza and popcorn and assorted non alcoholic beverages. No need to waste your time with parking or city driving, enjoy the ride on a luxury Hammond Transportation Motor Coach.

Seating is based on a first come, first serve basis.

Cost Per Person:

Premium Seat: $425.00 (sold out)
Standard Box Seat: $399.00

TERMS & CONDITIONS:Day trips are non refundable and must be paid in full upon booking.