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Whale Watching in Charlevoix Region & Quebec City

September 7-11 2019
Whale Watching in Charlevoix Region & Quebec City

BAIE-SAINT-PAUL is a city in the province of Quebec, Canada on the northern shore of the Saint Lawrence River. Baie-Saint-Paul is the seat of Charlevoix Regional County Municipality. This city is situated at the mouth of the Gouffre River. It is known for its art galleries, shops and restaurants.
LA MALBAIE is a municipality in the Charlevoix-Est Regional County Municipality in the province of Quebec, Canada, situated on the north shore of the Saint Lawrence River, at the mouth of the Malbaie River. It was formerly known as Murray Bay.
TADOUSSAC was founded in 1600 by Francois Grave DuPont, a merchant, and Pierre de Chauvin de Tonnetuit, a captain of the French Royal Navy, when they acquired a fur trade monopoly from King Henry IV. Present day…the modern village of Tadoussac lies close to the site of the original settlement at the mouth of the Saguenay River. It is known as a tourist destination because of the rugged beauty of the Saguenay Fjord and its facilities for whale watching. The entire area is either rural or still in a wilderness state, with several Federal and Provincial natural parks and preserves protecting natural resources. Tadoussac encompasses the first Marine National Park of Canada.
QUEBEC CITY is the Capitol of Quebec and, after Montreal, the second largest City in the Province. Quebec’s Old Town (Vieux-Quebec) is the only North American fortified City north of Mexico whose walls still exist. It was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985, as the “Historic District of Old Quebec”. Founded in the early 17th Century by French explorer Samuel de Champlain, la Vielle capitale celebrated its 400th anniversary in 2008 and its history shows. In Quebec’s Upper and Lower Towns, above and below the cliff, you can find at least 11 architectural styles ranging from Classical Revival (1790-1820) to international style (1930-1965). The area is also home to the Plains of Abraham, where a pivotal battle between the French and English in 1759 shaped the future of North America.

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TERMS & CONDITIONS: Deposit of $250.00 per person due at time of booking. Final Payment is due June 28, 2019.